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  • AMA with David Politis

    Join David for a special #Altitude20 AMA session and ‘ask him anything’ about his vision, the creation of the #SaaSOps community, and the evolution of BetterCloud. There will be several important announcements during Altitude, which are sure to make for...

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  • Daniel McClure

    IT Manager, Warby Parker  My journey through technology started at a very early age when I received a Teddy Ruxpin. I quickly found out that you could insert regular music tapes in Teddy and before you know it, he was...

    • Alex Mcdonald

      Manager, IT Security, Rayoneir  Alex McDonald is the Manager of IT Security at Rayonier, Inc. He manages many enterprise IT systems and SaaS integrations, including Rayonier's G Suite integration with BetterCloud. Alex is active in the BetterIT community and SOLVE.

      • Tony Safoian

        As President and CEO of SADA, Tony Safoian has built SADA into one of the world’s leading technology consulting and cloud services firms. Under Safoian’s leadership, SADA has addressed a rapidly evolving cloud technology boom across the enterprise and public...

        • Craig Holland

          SVP IT Infrastructure, Condé Nast  Craig brings 25+ years of experience to the digital community, formerly known in the 1990s as IT. He worked with some of the most dynamic companies and brands that we know and use today. Starting...

          • Blair Sammons

            Blair Sammons, Enterprise Solutions Engineer, BetterCloud

            • Chloe Becquet

              Associate Director Technology, HelloFresh  Chloe is an IT leader and growth strategist with over a decade of experience building out, modernizing, and streamlining systems infrastructure for fast-growing companies. She’s also a firm believer that there is no such thing as...